Winning the Lottery Does Not Increase Happiness: Here’s Why

Winning the lottery will not increase happiness in the long run. Initially, you will experience extreme joy and excitement, like the thrill of playing in Hollywood Casino online. However, this will change over time. You will return to your normal mood state. That being said, you will experience an increase in life satisfaction in terms of your needs and various necessities being met. There will hardly be a need to worry about financial situations ever again.

Reverse Psychology

It is found to be very rare for an increase in happiness to occur as a result of winning the lottery. People always believe that their lives will get much easier if they happen to win a massive sum of money. They think that all of their cares and troubles will just instantly vanish as a result of this sudden streak of amazing luck. However, people who win the lottery are often no more happy than they were prior to winning money. Naturally, a person is more inclined to be ecstatic upon initially winning this prize. But over time, such happiness wears off.

Natural Hedonic Adaptations

Think of the thermostat in a home. As the temperature outside rises and falls, the thermostat in your home works to adjust the temperatures inside the home so that they remain constant. The same thing occurs in your body, or more importantly, your mind. We all have a different “thermostat” setting in our minds.

Naturally, when something amazing occurs, we are much happier. Over time, this drops back to our normal mood. However, this can also be thought of in terms of depression. In the event that something horrible occurs, we will eventually return upwards to a happier medium.

Improved Way of Life

Upon winning the lottery, you will be able to afford more luxurious aspects of a lifestyle. This won’t affect your overall mood. You will be able to afford nice clothes and expensive amenities. There will also be options to purchase more expensive food. None of these things will necessarily improve your happiness level. They will increase your lifestyle. There is a definite difference between the two.


Happiness can be thought of in terms of a day-to-day occurrence. Different events happen daily that can affect your mood. These events are going to occur whether you win the lottery and instantly become a millionaire or not. Winning money such as this simply takes financial hardship out of the life equation.

That being said, winning the lottery can bring about an increase in the satisfaction of life, but not happiness. Satisfaction occurs because there is no urgent need for anything physical. You will be sure to have a nice house, nice clothes, and as much food as you need.

Happiness and satisfaction are two very different things. Satisfaction, in terms of life and mood, simply means that you never have to want or need anything again. You are able to remain comfortable and have anything you need, at any time. Happiness means an extreme increase in positive excitement. This will be natural, but it will not last forever.