When Should I Exercise?

In spite of many things in our lives that are focused on providing us with more time, we are still struggling to find some for ourselves. Unfortunately, this includes finding time to exercise. This is made even more difficult with the question of the best time for your workout. So, when should we exercise?


Many people associate exercising with getting up before sunrise and going for a jog. The biggest reasons some people opt for this time of day is that they feel the most energetic then and it is much easier to handle those daily obligations with the workout already done.

They may be a little tired through the rest of the day, but they are happy they have found the exercise regimen that works for them. This doesn’t work for everyone, though, as not everyone is an early bird.


Those of us that have trouble waking up in the morning tend to favor exercising in the afternoon or at night. Among other things, it’s relaxing to know that you have your daily obligations out of the way and can afford to dedicate some time to yourself. Besides, it is much more satisfying to jump straight into bed after a workout and a shower. Like the morning, the night offers peace and quiet when you are alone with your thoughts, which is also a factor.

Circadian Rhythm

The gist of it is this – we all have our own bio-rhythm, known as the circadian rhythm. It tells us when we should eat, sleep, or take on some strenuous tasks. If you are not sure which time of day works best for you, it might be a good idea to test each of them out. Try exercising in the morning for a few days, then switch to afternoons and, finally, nights. You will quickly find which time of day is best suited for you.

A Word of Caution

As diverse as the advice you find regarding your optimal exercise routine may be, here is a point that most experts agree on – being consistent is much more important than the time of day. There are no special benefits to be gained if you constantly switch between your exercise times. You may hear some people telling you that you will burn calories much more efficiently in the morning, or that proper muscle building is done at night – this is not what’s important.

Choose a time and stick with it, and you will see the fruits of your labor. This is due to the fact that your body will become prepared over time to deal with exercise at a certain time. Your natural rhythm will activate your body and make sure it can handle the herculean strain you decided to take on.