Tips to Help You Lose Weight At a Healthy Pace

Yeah, sure, everyone knows to lose weight you need a healthy diet and more exercise. But how, specifically? Read on to find out about just a few of the many healthy ways you can lose weight.

Drink Water

Seems simple enough, but think about this: how many cans of soda or glasses of juice have you had this week? Try making that number zero and see what happens. It is suggested that you drink one gallon of water per day, yet almost no one actually does that. Coffee, energy drinks, Coke, sure. But water? Probably not. Cut out your other drinks and replace them with pure, simple water for one week and see if you’re not feeling a lot better, not to mention losing weight and saving money.

No Night Eating

Are you finished with dinner? Then you are finished eating until breakfast time! You don’t burn many calories when you’re sleeping so why load up right before bed? If you routinely watch TV and snack before bedtime, try taking up a hobby such as knitting or painting by a number that you can do while you watch TV. Chances are you just want to snack out of a hobby, not because you are truly hungry. Try to replace it with a different hobby.

Get a Food Scale

Did you know a serving of meat is only supposed to be 4 to 6 ounces per meal? Get a digital food scale and you may be surprised at just how much meat that really is. Whether you usually eat much more or much less, a food scale and reading correct portion sizes may be your ticket to weight loss success.

Break Your Sugar Addiction

If you find yourself craving sweets after every meal, you have a sugar addiction. It could take months of cravings, headaches and fury, but weaning yourself off sugar could prove invaluable both to your long-term health and weight loss goals. One trick, if you absolutely must have a sweet after dinner, is start by switching out your dessert of choice with sugar-free Jello or Cool Whip or some kind of fruit. Gradually decrease your portion size over time. After several months you may be surprised you no longer crave the sugar at all.


Some people hate exercise. Some people hate dieting. Some people hate both. Try to find a happy medium of eating healthy and exercising. Arguably, the more you exercise the less strict you have to be with your diet. Find a sport or activity that you enjoy and go to town. It might burn off that piece of pie you just had to have.

There are many ways to lose weight in a healthy way. Stay away from fad diets, starving yourself, and overdoing it at the gym. There needs to be a healthy balance in all things, from eating to sleeping to exercising to having some down time to just relax. Life is meant to be enjoyed. The healthier you are, the easier it is.