Sports and Happiness

People who deal with mental health issues reportedly fare much better when their therapy is supplemented with physical exercise. Additionally, athletes are generally more upbeat and cheerful than the average person. Is there a real reason behind this, or is this pure coincidence?


There are several neurotransmitters and hormones present in our bodies that are in charge of us feeling good. In other words, there are happy juices our body makes when we are happy – for example, when you bet using sky bet sign up offer – though it is much more complicated than that. When you exercise, you put a strain on your body. It is a physically stressful activity without any real danger.

Endorphins are there to make the pain go away by making you feel good. Additionally, there is serotonin, the neurotransmitter that is present during happy events and dopamine, which we get a rush of during competitions and when we’re expecting a reward.


While exercising or doing sports, we slowly become better at it. It might be faster for some people and slower for others, but progress is always there. The sense of accomplishment we get from exercising stems from the fact that our hard work paid off. This gives us more confidence to deal with other aspects of our lives we were originally afraid to face. That is not the only type of self-confidence boost we get.

Body Image

Some people exercise to be healthy, while others do it to look good. Whatever the reason, after a prolonged exposure to sports and exercise, out muscles begin to grow, we become more graceful, and the shape of our body becomes more to our liking. Remember, this doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t despair if you didn’t get your perfect body after a month of exercising.


The combination of previous points leads us to being able to deal with stress. The hormones and the progress we make give us enough confidence to deal with almost any situation life throws at us, and we can do it level-headed. This is why sports are a great way to cope with mental health problems.


Though people complimenting and cheering each other on may seem corny, it is a recognition of the hard work invested into your health and physical prowess. This is a group of people doing the same thing and feeling good about it. When you’re surrounded by people who have a positive outlook on life, you can’t help but feel happy yourself.


There is one more sports aspect that requires little to no effort on your part and that is cheering your team on in a competition. Their victories become your victories and when you sit in front of a TV with your friends, you feel like you are a part of something bigger than yourself.