Health Perks of Being Happy

Have you encountered people who always seem in good spirits? How many of them get sick often or for longer periods of time? There is a link between our happiness and our health, much like there is a link between internet users and online queries where people try to find the online bingo or do their shopping – one cannot exist without the other. So, how does happiness affect our health? It can be compared to a big shield that guards your health and well-being. Let us examine how this works.

Stress and Happy Hormones

Stress is an underrated opponent of our health. Under normal circumstances, stress is what keeps us alert and ready to face dangerous situations by waking us up and making us take quick action. That is all well and good in life-or-death situations, but getting stressed because we didn’t get enough sleep, there is a business deadline, the general employment uncertainty, and other things that don’t exactly put us at ease all trigger the fight-or-flight response when there is nothing to fight and nowhere to run, which really does a number on your health and life expectancy, making you more vulnerable to illnesses.

People who are happy face the same stress as everyone else. However, they not only have the support of their friends and family but the support of their hormones as well. Dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin are our little happiness boosters that appear when we are doing something we love or spending time with the person we love. Because of this, it is much easier for us to deal with physical and mental stress.

More Energy

We often neglect the everyday stress, simply accepting it as the normal state of our being. Being happy for some people means partaking in their hobbies, venting with some physical activities that boost endorphins (natural pain killers), and laughing. All of these give you more mental energy to enjoy life. Remember the days when you are tired for seemingly no reason? When you are happy, those days don’t happen that often. In fact, you may experience a boost in energy and a greater willingness to undertake new tasks and challenges.

How Can I Be Happy?

This is a tough question and does not have an answer that is the same for all people. If you are struggling with feeling happy and are often drained, we suggest contacting a health professional, as not having enough energy or getting sick often can point to more serious problems. If, however, you are looking for some general tips for boosting your mood, spending time with your loved ones, having a hobby or project that brings you joy, regular physical exercise, proper diet, and regular sleep are your starting points.