Best Fitness Equipment for Beginners

When I decide to start exercising for the umpteenth time, I always get enthusiastic about buying proper gear. The problem arises when I discover the budget I require to make my dreams of becoming mister Universe with the least amount of effort come true. That stuff is pricey! Luckily, there is no need to take out a loan and set up our own gym at home – here are a few things beginners need when they exercise.


Yes, you can buy a smartwatch that tells you what your heart rate is at any given time, but there is no need for that. The essentials are just that – essential. You need them in order to exercise.


Don’t waste your money on designer Yoga pants. All you need is a comfortable pair of old sneakers, a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt you can no longer wear in public. The rest is just aesthetics.

Water Bottle

It is of utmost importance to stay hydrated while exercising. Buy a water bottle, or use an old soda bottle. A word of caution – soda bottles are fine for a couple of workouts, but, after that, you should recycle them, as it is unhealthy to keep drinking from them.

Yoga Mat

Even if Yoga is not your thing, consider buying one of these. It’s great for all types of exercises on the floor. You might be thinking that you don’t need it since you can just do your workout on the floor, but here’s the thing – the floor is not only cold, it’s hard as well. A Yoga mat will prevent injuries while you are doing crunches.


Whether you want to build muscle or just work on your tone, weights are a must. That being said, you don’t need the bulky barbells used by power-lifters. Simple, small barbells of 8 pounds each should give you more than enough, while making sure you always have enough storage space to keep them out of your way.

Ab Bench

While I’ve mentioned before that you don’t need hard-core gym equipment, and I still stand by that statement, one piece of exercise equipment will definitely be worth your time, money and space.

Ab benches allow you to do several exercises that focus on your abs and back. When folded they don’t take too much space, and, depending on where you buy them, mini variants that are perfect for home workouts can cost as little as $90, though you could probably get a better deal if you buy a used bench.

Exercising on a Budget

This might shock you, but you can use a lot of household items instead of gym equipment. Old water bottles are great weights. You can incorporate your old basketball into your exercise program when you want to work on your balance or give your pushups some needed variety. A sturdy table is perfect for rows and you are welcome to use the door frames for pull-ups – provided, of course, that they can handle your weight.