Being Happy and Playing Video Games

Playing video games excessively has been an issue among children and young adults. There has been some talk of behavior that resembles that of an addict. But, apart from the rush kids get, what is it about video games that makes them so appealing to their consumers? What makes us happy while we play video games and using promo codes William Hill?

Coping Mechanism

Let’s say that things are not going great in your life. The job or school not only fail to challenge and fulfill your ambitions, but they dampen them to the degree where you have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning. Sometimes, it’s not this – it could be problems in your love life, a difficult living arrangement, and several other things.

Video games are great because they give us a moment of respite from these dark times. The escapism the screen provides us with lets us take a break from the monotony and harsh reality. This is not the only appealing thing about video games.

Confidence Boost

Simple games aside, it is often that a certain skill is necessary for performing a task within a game. Simply investing time is often not enough, you have to study the problem, approach it from different angles, and do a lot of trial and error to reach a favorable conclusion.

What do the games give you for your effort? Praise. Every time your character completes a level, or levels up, gaining new stats and abilities, the game practically screams “Good job!” It is a little treasure that makes you feel good about yourself. You achieved something not everyone can boast about. The happiness is worth immensely more when your real-life achievements are somewhat lacking. This is why there are many games that are played competitively, like Counter-Strike and DotA.


Have you ever read a really good book? I’m talking about the kind of book that makes you set it down to say “Woah!” and forces you to modify your daily schedule just so you could read it faster and find out what happens next. For some people, it’s not a book, but a movie or TV series.

There are video games with fantastic stories, ranging from fantasy and gothic to sci-fi and macabre. In these games, you are a part of the story since you often have to make some tough choices for the character. While you are fighting or solving puzzles, you are helping your hero save the world, discover their destiny, or simply survive in the cruel surroundings. You are there with your character every step of the way, feeling their feelings and fighting with them side by side.

To Sum Up

Video games put quantifiers to measure our success rate. They also give us intricate stories and developed characters we learn to love. They allow us to put life on hold to find out what happens in the amazing saga we’re a part of and this often helps us deal with issues in our lives. Much like watching sports and movies and reading books, video games are a great way to handle stress and make us happier.