5 Sporting Endeavors You Can Enjoy For Life

Does the idea of being physically active appeal to you but you don’t play well with others? Or you aren’t aggressive enough to excel at physical altercations? Does the idea of meeting every Thursday night for practice rub you the wrong way? Don’t worry—there are still plenty of sports you can do where you don’t have to obey the traditional rules – and no, watching sports and following your favorite players, which you can read more about here, doesn’t count. Many sports enthusiasts from all over the world enjoy both participating in these unique physical activities and testing their luck by betting on them. Sports betting Canada, for example, has made placing bets on these interesting sports very popular in recent years – who knew that fishing or badminton could raise the competitiveness of people to such a degree!


Imagine gliding along the water, cutting through the surface like a knife. Maybe it’s sunrise. Maybe it’s sunset. A gentle breeze brushes against your face. The sun shining on your back warms you. Kayaking is an excellent way to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Unless you head out in gale force winds, it is usually a pretty easy activity, too. It is easily done solo but if you’d rather have a partner they do make kayaks built for two. Just be careful to coordinate your paddling.


Fishing is arguably the best way to enjoy a day out on the water. Depending on your skill levels, it is a great mystery as to how many, what or even if you will pull anything out of the water. In many areas, fishing requires buying a special license. After that, though, it is generally free to be able to go. Make sure you know the daily bag and size limits for the fish in the area where you are.


The word bowling may conjure up images of horribly dressed middle-aged people hanging out in a dimly lit, smoke-filled building back in the 70s. But not anymore. Providing your hand and wrist joints are up to par, bowling is a great, low impact activity to practice your aim and coordination. Beware of slippery floors, though.

Figure Skating

While figure skating can absolutely be a highly competitive sport, if not lifestyle, it can also be enjoyed by the fair weather skater. Find a local ice arena that offers “Open Skating” and go have fun for a couple of hours or less. Glide, stride, twirl, maybe even attempt a jump. You will quickly learn the correct way to land or you will be very sorry


Badminton is kind of like tennis, but less physically tolling. With a net that may or may not even be necessary, a small plastic item called a birdy is hit with a racquet from one side to the other. This is a terribly fun game of skill, speed, hand-eye coordination, and mirth. Trash talking your opponent only adds to the enjoyment of it all.

These are just a handful of endless opportunities for recreational players to take up a sport. Sports, when not done in excess, are a wonderful way to get some exercise, have fun, learn some new skills, and possibly make new friends who share similar interests with you. Many times a dabble into a sport turns into a lifelong hobby and/or a person’s greatest source of enjoyment. Many are free. Some become lifestyles. That is the beauty of recreational sports.